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Elevation data not showing

Thu 19. Mar 2020, 20:24

I've noticed on my last two activities (17 March and 19 March) that the elevation data is not showing at all. This is the only site that seems to have this problem; Garmin Connect, Strava, and Smashrun all show the elevation data with no issue.

Anyone else having this problem?
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Re: Elevation data not showing

Thu 19. Mar 2020, 20:43

This is related to a new feature. We are detecting the device which you are using. And if this device has a barometer we are disabling the automatic elevation calculation.
But here we have an edge case: You have a watch with Baro meter, but no elevation data has been recorded in the activity file. As no elevation data is available you are not able to manually click the elevation correction. I did this for you manually

(<activity ... egy=mapzen)

We will fix this within the next 24 hours for future activities
Update: Has been fixed for future activties
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Re: Elevation data not showing

Sun 22. Mar 2020, 00:32

Great, thanks! I noticed that today's activity had the elevation data there now. Cheers for the quick fix.
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