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HR/Pace plot and manual splits

Thu 9. Jan 2020, 18:06

When I do indoor run workout my Polar Vantage do not get any GPS signal and total and split distances have nothing with reality. So after my activity adds into Runalize I enter splits manually. After this Ihave actual data in "laps" section BUT HR/Pace/Cource data Plots and Running Dynamix Plot still uses automatic splits generated with Polar.
Here what I mean:
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Is there any way to make plots to use manual splits?
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Re: HR/Pace plot and manual splits

Fri 10. Jan 2020, 08:12

That has nothing to do with calculated or manual splits. All those plots (besides the splits plot itself) use the total (recorded) distance as x-axis.

When editing the activity you can remove the distance series. That will cause the plots to use the time as x-axis.
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