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Cumulative vs Individual TRIMP

Sun 7. Jul 2019, 21:33

Apologies if this has been asked before. How would TRIMP total differ for 3 individual sessions (as recorded on Garmin device) vs one continuous session. e.g. 4k warm up, 8x800m, 4k cool down? Would the total TRIMP be the same if the sessions are recorded as one continuous session or three separate sessions?
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Re: Cumulative vs Individual TRIMP

Fri 12. Jul 2019, 08:54

Trimp is calculated based on the exact heart rate profile, thus there is no difference between separating an interval session into three activities or keeping a single one.

For a general recommendation, see https://runalyze.com/help/article/how-s ... ing-drills:
We recommend to not separate your warm-up and cool-down program for regular training sessions. Dividing your training sessions (like interval sessions and tempo runs) results in three different activities with all its consequences. The total number of activities goes up, the average distance goes down, average values do not reflect the whole activity and you get three different trimp values instead of the single (correct) one.

If you bother about VO2max estimation: The estimation does not get more accurate when splitting the activity. Still, we have plans to automatically select only valid segments for the estimation.
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