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Sudden drop in performance data

Mon 8. Oct 2018, 11:02

I ran a 10K race on Saturday and when the data was uploaded to Runalyze, there was a sudden drop in my performance dat. My VO2max previously was about 55. I ran the 10K in 36:09 (with VO2max estimated at 66), then suddenly everthing dropped (VO2max at 50 and race VO2max at 60). All the estimated VO2 max from all my previous races and runs also dropped through my whole history of data.

So on the same day that I ran a 10K race in 36:09 my predicted race time for 10K is now 40:56. It looks like there's something wrong
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Re: Sudden drop in performance data

Mon 8. Oct 2018, 15:39

There's a section about VO2max estimations in our help: ... o2max.html

The athlete's correction factor is an essential part of all the calculations. It is required to correct the individual behavior of the heart rate (some people run a 10k at 92%HRmax, others at 88%HRmax). In your case, your individual correction factor has been recalculated after importing your current race.

Please take a look at the tool 'Analyse your VO2max'. You'll find a list of all your races and their estimated VO2max values as well as their correction factors. The automatic decision which of these factors is used, is not easy and not always correct. You can set a manual correction factor in your configuration.

Looking at your data, your new correction factor does somehow match your latest race (as 36:09 equals an effective VO2max of 58.5). Still, your shape is far away from that. What kind of heart rate sensor do you use? Do you trust its data?

Besides, when editing an activity there's always to checkbox whether this activity should be included for your VO2max shape or not. I always recommend to exclude warm-up and cool-down as well as activities that deviate greatly from your form. Still, there are a lot of activities in your history with strange behavior, e.g.:
- 4:20/km @80%
- 4:17/km @74%
- 4:43/km @73%
- 4:41/km @68%
- 4:02/km @80%
- 3:40/km @78%

There's no good fit possible of how your heart rate relates to pace.
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