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Training Load Values (Planning Ahead)

I have been trying to pay a lot of attention to the Workload Ratio stat that compares ATL & CTL. I'm trying to use it as one of my tools to help prevent overtraining. I have several tools to help identify if a workout was too big AFTER it's already been completed but I'm curious if there is a way to project what these values will be tomorrow, or in a couple days, or after a hypothetical workout that I have planned.

Example: I did a big bike ride yesterday. When I started the ride my Workload Ratio was around 0.75. After I finished the ride my Workload Ratio was 1.83. At that point I was curious, will it drop below 1.3 tomorrow? If not, how many days will it take? (I don't know of any way to look ahead and check that.)

Sometimes I stay up until midnight and look to see how it adjusts. Then I make a manual entry with a hypothetical workout (duration and average heart rate) to see roughly how it will effect my workload ratios tomorrow. I don't like having to wait until midnight to do that though, and it doesn't help me plan more than a day out.

In this example, I looked after midnight and 1.83 only dropped to 1.42. I decided to take a rest day instead of doing a short recovery run (workload ratio wasn't under 1.3 yet & I want it to recover for another workout I have planned in a couple days.) At this point, I wasn't sure how much my workload ratio would drop the next day. I'm writing this one day later and the clock just hit midnight again. Now I can see that Workload Ratio will start at 1.14 tomorrow (after today's rest day at 1.42.)

I'm just curious if there's a better way to project these numbers forward? Are there any other features to help with this? If not, it's something I would love to see added someday.

On a related note, sometimes when I'm looking at a workout from a couple months ago I find myself wondering what my workload ratio was on that given day.


I just realized that I can use the the Shape Chart to see ATL & CTL percentages for both past and future dates, but it doesn't show Workload Ratio. Is there a way that I can add it to my Shape Chart? It doesn't show TSB either (unless I change to banister mode.)

Banister mode looks like it gives some sort of absolute values but I don't understand how to use them.
Today's absolute values on my home screen are ATL 56, CTL 49, TSB (-6)
but the values shown on the Banister mode Shape Chart are ATL 415, CTL 1792, & TSB 546.

I thought maybe I could get absolute values from banister mode and calculate workload ratio myself, but I don't understand what the numbers in banister mode mean or how they corelate to what I'm looking at on the home screen.

I'm curious if anybody has any suggestions or insight to share? I would greatly appreciate it!

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