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bulk import via json

I have a Suunto ... and I write me an xls sheet of those data. Then I convert such data to json.

Things I have noted while importing bulk via "metrics" API:
1. if i tried import "sleep" and "heartRestRate" all in one json ... I couldn't succeed ... and abandoned the idea.
2. so only on set of data in json ... main interest "sleep":
1. all dates from my data got raised by one day (if my date is 25.01.2021.... imported is 26.01.2021)
2. all 'start_time' got additional 2 hours (if my time is 21:45 .... imported is 23:45)
3. so it all get peculiar if 'start_time' is around 00:00 (midnight)

I imported aprox 220 lines of data ... curl response was also weird (not confirming a success neither failure), but it imported :o

Any explanation for such behavior?
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Re: bulk import via json

We are not able to give much support for the personal API. We may provide more examples in the future, but this is currently not possible as we don't have enough time.
We recommend to use the individual entry points (only one entry per request - e.g. /api/v1/metrics/sleep)

Sleep data. Check that you provide sleep date_time in correct time zone ISO_8601. Seems you don't add any timezone information and we use the timezone settings from your account then.

Just try to find the right variant with the individual requests.
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