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SUUNTO advanced laps support

As it happens in Strava, when suunto marks the laps in the watch, runalyze thinks that it is an aditional lap to the ones created automatically every 1 km

Let me explain

If I ran for 2.1 km and I mark to create a lap, in runalyze the laps are shown in the manual section as 1km, 1km, 2'1km long. The 1km laps are the ones created automatically from suunto, whereas the 2'1km is the actual "manual" lap.

Is it possible to fix it? :D
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Re: SUUNTO advanced laps support

Not sure what you really mean, but Suunto has a "feature" what we won't support as it just not make sense how it's implemented in the fit files.
I don't have the exact date in mind but we changed the way how we request the fit files from Suunto so we get the laps in the way it's correct and not in the way how Suunto think it's "cool". For older activities before this date the laps might be wrong, but we cannot fix that.
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