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Manual Laps

Wed 12. Dec 2018, 20:24

new user here.
Is it possible (or is it under consideration for development) to be able to see the manual/custom laps as generated by my suunto watch?
Suunto gives the opportunity to analyse a run either by laps of set duration/distance (autolaps) or by the manual laps pressed by the watch or generated by the watch in case of intervals.
So, being able to see exactly my pace at, say, my 8*0,6Km laps training is very useful in constrast to just seeing generic 1Km laps.
Manual lap functionality as offered is not very helpful because sometimes the recovery period after each interval lap is duration based and not distance based.
So, a typical run might be 4,2K warmup (1 lap), 8 sets of 600m intervals with 2mins recovery.
Is such an analysis possible at the moment?
Is this something in the plans?
I read some post about polar but were not very encouraging
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