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Relative Running Economy

Tue 5. Dec 2017, 16:15

On this page:
Jonathan talks about running economy, providing this formula:
Total Beats = (Average Heart Rate – Resting Heart Rate) * Time in Minutes
Work Per Mile = Total Beats / Distance in Miles
Efficiency = 1 / Work Per Mile * 100,000
He provides some calculators.

Have there been thoughts about adding something like that to runalyze?
Especially the advanced version that takes vo2max into account, too...

Don't know exactly how interpretative these results are, but added as a graph...

Any thoughts on this at all?
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Re: Relative Running Economy

Thu 7. Jun 2018, 12:12

I am using this formula too as a data field on my Garmin watch. ... ee7186189b
I can see the value in real time while running, which works pretty good and is really helpful to me.
So the data is already stored and calculated in the .fit-file and is displayed in Garmin Connect as a graph.
I would like to have this in Runalyze too to compare my runs.
I could send you a .fit-file of one of my runs, if you like.
As the new Runalyze versions are not Open Source anymore, which I sadly respect of course, I cannot contribute on my own as a developer.

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Re: Relative Running Economy

Thu 7. Jun 2018, 13:08

Thanks for your request - We already added this as a feature request. We don't need to read the content of the fit file for that. When we add this it should be available to all which contain the needed information.
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Re: Relative Running Economy

Thu 7. Jun 2018, 15:29

This is fantastic. Thank you.
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