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Organize routes

Posted: Sun 14. Feb 2021, 19:35
by pakete207
Hi all, I have a suggestion related to organizing routes.

Not sure if doable, but this would make my day.
I've been trying different apps to organize my routes, but nothing really has what I've been looking for, so I thought, why can't this be implemented in runalyze?

I would like to be able to mark some of my runs as routes, then all of these will appear in a section where I can filter and find what I need to.

For the filters, of course distance is key, you need to be able to select all the routes within the range you enter (e.g. 15 and 17km if I'm planning to run 16km today).

Having a small thumbnail image and a description of the route and elevation gain will also help decide the route to take.

Also some tags, so I can filter between different cities depending where I am, but also have some tags for routes not suitable for rainy or windy days, or any other important factor (eg good route for Drills or for strides)

The point is, I run very early in the morning, I check the weather and what's in my running plan and decide where to go. Sometimes, I don't make the best decisions, and a bit of help, having the above in runalyze, would greatly help.

Re: Organize routes

Posted: Sun 14. Feb 2021, 19:52
by mipapo
I've understood your wish and there is a ticket for having managedable routes in Runalyze. But I cannot tell you when this wish will be fullfilled.

Re: Organize routes

Posted: Wed 17. Feb 2021, 05:07
by pakete207
Thanks for the swift reply! Happy to see there's already a ticket and it's something you have at least considered to implement. 👍