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A summary map view

Mon 27. Jan 2020, 05:21

I am aware of the poster generator function. This is similar, but streamlined and live (as opposed to pre-generated).
  • Display activities as pins on a map.
    - The location of the pin may be chosen as the first point in the track (or an average of all points in the track, which may be less desirable).
  • The scope of which activities to display on the map should be limited as opposed to "all activities".
    - For example, this can be an extension to the dashboard "statistics" widget (as one of the tabs) - this way, the scope will be limited to the chosen time interval.
    - Another example, search results may be visualized this way as well.
  • It should be possible to see a brief description of an activity by clicking on (or hovering the mouse cursor over) its pin. That includes the activity title.
    - There should be an option to see the activity details if the brief description is not sufficient.
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