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statistics in search tool

Sat 30. Jun 2018, 21:54

I might have overlooked existing features, and please correct me if so, but some thoughts for future updates.

General; in the search tool, is it possible to add statistics to the search result, e.g. a choice with a top/bottom row showing a selected type of statistics (average, total, median, max, min, etc)? Or a permanent row showing average for the column, with a tool tip showing other statistics values?

And another thing; is it possible to extend statistics tool or make a new tool, showing statistics for the different activity types for a given time range? E.g. the statistics tools columns with average data, but the different activity types per row instead of months/weeks. This is data that can be found with the trend and anova analysis tool, but the idea is a more simplified and summarized overview in addition to the deeper analysis tools.

And just curiosity, under editing a sport you can edit acitivity types. Is there some deeper meaning in the "avg. HR" value for the activity type, i.e. are they used in some calculations or are them just mental notes for yourself?

The idea is to have a quick table overview over avg. pace, HR, cadence etc for the different activity types for a given time range, to see how it's matching target values for the different activities.
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