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Cadence, Breath Rythm, Work of Breathing

I'm currently working on a Training Test App for Android. One of many other features will be a Metronome where you can setup not only cadence, it will also be able to toggle between different breath rhythms like 3:3, 3:2, 2:2 and 2:1. I realize that Jack Daniels wrote a lot about interplay between cadence and breath rhythms.

In this respect I was thinking about Work of Breathing and stumbled across following article:

What impressed me most was the difference between men and women (Figure 5). As far as I interpret Figure 6 correctly this seems to be the mayor limiting fact why women have a disadvantage compared to men.

Would be great if you could share other articles with similar subject which impressed you or talk about your experience.
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Re: Cadence, Breath Rythm, Work of Breathing

As it's not directly Runalyze related I will move this to the "Others"/Training forum.
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Re: Cadence, Breath Rythm, Work of Breathing

Interesting article,

I just came across the Forerunner 945's capability of now including respiratory rate into the fit file (allegedly figured out from heart rate variability)

Have anyone collected this information? if so,
a) does it work while swimming?
b) can it be displayed in runalyze?

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Re: Cadence, Breath Rythm, Work of Breathing

If the data is available in the fit file Respiratory Rate should be visible at Runalyze
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