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Interval run from iSmoothRun

Mon 5. Mar 2018, 13:12


I am new here, so I apologise if I just do not know how to use the online Runalize. I read the FAQ und also fast alle topics im Importer/File problems subforum, aber habe nichts gefunden. iSmoothrun ist nicht sehr geliebt hier, oder? :)

I imported an interval run from iSmoothRun. This run was created as a series of 200 m specified pace intervals followed by 2 minutes (or a bit longer - do not remember at the moment) free pace rest runs - and this routine was repeated 10 times - 200 m fast, 2 minutes jog, 200 m fast, 2 minutes jog etc. The app notified me for both the beginning and end of speed and rest parts with countdowns and "GO!" - so I guess there should be markers in the log file. In addition - the app itself shows both the usual kilometer splits and the interval splits in its log. In the Runalyze however I see only the kilometer splits - nowhere can I find the 200m/2 minutes intervals.

The only place I could find in the Runalyze online to possibly make it show the interval splits would be the "calculate laps" and "Manual distances" - there I see I can define the split places myself.

Am I correct that the interval splits are not imported from the app? If so, are there any tips for the manual sequencing procedure?

Als sie wahrscheinlich ja selbst sehen können ist mein deutsch nicht besonders gut - sie können doch tipps und antworten auch in deutsch schreiben - ich shaffe's schon. :)

Thank you!!
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Re: Interval run from iSmoothRun

Mon 5. Mar 2018, 14:05

for us it's no problem to answer in English ;)
In those cases it's the easiest if you just attach an example file - The file format is very different and some formats are better (like fit files) and other formats (gpx, csv and some more) are just crap.
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