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Lack of statistics

Posted: Wed 25. Jan 2017, 13:41
by marx
I've imported 100 activities from last year from RunnerUp phone application into I see those activities on upper left panel. If I click activity - everything seems ok - HR, laps etc looks like it should look.
However no statistics is recalculated anywhere. Analysis is empty, monthly statistics are empty, all charts are empty - even if I'm choosing half or whole 2016 year.
I've made recalculation form (Tools -> database cleaning) but it didn't help.

I'm sure I miss some important step, maybe I should configure something somewhere?

Edit: ok I get it. Training type is not set by default. It's a pity there's no default value, because now I need to edit every training manually.

Re: Lack of statistics

Posted: Wed 25. Jan 2017, 13:50
by mipapo
I think that is a problem by RunnerUp.
In Runalyze itself you can set a "Default sport/activity type" for every sports. I don't know if RunnerUp ignores it.

I think it will get better when we have the official API. RunnerUp uses a crazy workaround which does work, but it's not the way anyone should do it. (It does manipulate the activity formular - which is really scary)

Re: Lack of statistics

Posted: Wed 25. Jan 2017, 14:03
by marx
It's better to use this workaround then importing manually :)