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RunCadence ignored on TCX import

Thu 10. Sep 2020, 10:31


i tried to import my TCX files, which include the cadence as defined by the ActivityExtension V2 ( ... sionv2.xsd). This extension specifies, that the bike cadence is stored in the Training Center Cadence field and run cadence is stored using a RunCadence field in the extension. Values stored in the RunCadence field are currently not imported (at least not visible in the web interface).

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           <Trackpoint> ... <Extensions>

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           <Trackpoint> ... <Cadence>180</Cadence> </Trackpoint>
RUNALYZE already uses the ActivityExtension V2, for example to store Speed and Watts.
Would it therefore be possible to extend the importer to include the RunCadence field?

I have attached two minimal example files (very short, same fake data, one hour shifted), one using the Cadence field, the other one the RunCadence field.

Thanks, Christoph
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Re: RunCadence ignored on TCX import

Sat 12. Sep 2020, 13:12

Thanks for the hint. Support has been added on thursday evening.
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Re: RunCadence ignored on TCX import

Mon 14. Sep 2020, 17:49

Verified with my real data. Works great, thanks!
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