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Manual Laps from FIT-file

Posted: Tue 20. Sep 2022, 21:55
by ccrun
Dear Runalyze-Team,

my first thought had been, that I or my Forerunner 935 had messed up the FIT-file.

But after three interval trainings with missing manual laps and successfully importing the same training converted from the FIT-file to a TCX-file with laps and seeing in the changelog that you had done some changes to "overlapping" manual and automatic laps, I'd like to mention this bug here.

My interval trainings have no automatic laps, but only manual laps. One training had two of 22 laps showing up, the other two had none of the laps showing up.

I'd be happy, if you could have a look into this - please let me know if I can assist by giving you further information/files/etc...

Best regards

Re: Manual Laps from FIT-file

Posted: Fri 23. Sep 2022, 11:07
by mipapo
We will look into this in ~2 weeks
Please send the original fit file from the interval training to

If you don't see the manual laps on the edit form - this is known. But they still should be there in the activity view

Re: Manual Laps from FIT-file

Posted: Fri 23. Sep 2022, 23:32
by ccrun
Thank you! Appreciate this very much, the (one of three, where I encountered that issue) file will be on the way in a few seconds.

The laps shown in the activity are not related to (read: have nothing to do with) the laps in the training - they rather seem to be somewhat close to 1km default laps, while the training had no kind of 'Auto-Lap' set up.

Thanks again for looking into this!

Re: Manual Laps from FIT-file

Posted: Tue 4. Oct 2022, 19:13
by mipapo
"since a few weeks we support the import of different lap types in the same activity, i.e. automatic and manual laps, which are allowed to overlap. As a result, in your case only the manual rounds were imported and erroneously they are not displayed if the "actual" rounds are empty. If you upload the activity as fit again, the laps will be imported as usual."