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Energy Calculation for walking

I walk to work in the morning and then run home in the evening along a fairly similar route, however I've noticed that the energy calculation for walking seems much higher than when I run:

Walk: 8.5Km in 1:12:06 Trimp: 37 Energy: 4326 kcal
Run: 10.1km in 1:00:48 Trimp: 123 Energy 891 kcal

4326 kcal is nearly the energy requirements for two days. All the other stats seem ok.
This is just an example, but I seem to get very high energy estimates for any walk.
If I edit the run and change the sport from running to walking, the energy goes from 891 kcal to 3648 kcal.

Does this happen for anyone else or have I misconfigured something?
I mainly use Runalyze for my running, so it's more curiosity as to why the walking seems to use much more energy.

The walk and the run were both recorded on a Suunto Ambit 2, but I get similar results if I use the Strava Android app.
Strava gives 1075 kcal for the walk and 1278 kcal for the run.

The data for both routes are

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Re: Energy Calculation for walking

Adjust the kcal calulcation in the corresponding sport settings:
Currently it seems that you have set 3600kcal/h there
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Re: Energy Calculation for walking

Thanks that fixed it.

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