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"Analyze Your VO2max" table includes a "non-race"

Thanks for your site. It's really interesting.

The "Tools" section of your site includes the "Analyze your VO2max" table. It supposedly only includes races. However, I've gotten it to include a non-race activity.

On May 6, 2023, I show two activities. The 0.8 mile run was a warm-up for a race marked "ER". The second is the race itself marked "RC". Both of these appear in the "Analyze your VO2max" table instead of just the race. Maybe the bug is related to both activities occurring on the same day?
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Re: "Analyze Your VO2max" table includes a "non-race"

Still they are red and marked as race. Edit the activity and remove the tick from the race checkbox.
The training type has no relation if it's a race or not
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