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Inconsistent data between overview and runalyze calculated data


My running activities are imported from Strava automatically. The data for runalyze overview is pulled directly from Strava: distance, time, elapsed time, pace. I like that, because Strava seems to calculates the differences between time and elapsed time well, for example if you need to pause to pick up a headphone, tie a lace etc. However the other data runalyze calculates does not match up to this, laps, best segments etc.

Going forward I wonder if it would be better for runalyze to calculate the overview data, or for the other data calculated by runalyze to match the overview data from Strava?

Perhaps this has already been discussed somewhere?
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Re: Inconsistent data between overview and runalyze calculated data

Not quite sure what you mean. We take the data as we get it from Strava via the API. We recommend not to use Strava if possible, because Strava may not provide the complete data and we may not get the details of the activities as it is in the case of direct connections to the individual manufacturers.

Best hint we can give: Try to avoid Strava if possible
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