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Running effectiveness

Posted: Fri 3. Aug 2018, 09:06
by Canadrian

Was wondering what types of values people are seeing for running effectiveness? Reading some of the literature it seems like 1.0 is a 'good value', I seem to be averaging .7 or so at the moment and I'm just wondering what types of values others are seeing, particularly recreational runners vs more serious folks.


Re: Running effectiveness

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2018, 09:59
by matsalo
Is running effectiveness depending that the recording device you are using also record some value for force/effect and store it in the session file you import, or can runalyze calculate the necessary values itself? I haven't values for anything related to effect in my database; I just get empty fields for e.g running effectiveness if I try to show these fields.

Re: Running effectiveness

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2018, 10:41
by laufhannes
Running effectiveness is a simple metric setting speed and power in relation: RE [kg/N] = Speed [m/s] / Power [W/kg].


As I don't have a device that records (/estimates) power while running, I don't know how valuable the standard values defined by Palladino are (i.e. values between 0.99 and 1.01 as average).

Re: Running effectiveness

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2018, 12:31
by matsalo
Thanks for your swift reply.

I understood the metric, but wondered about the power variable. Under sport settings I can choose to tick of "Power", and the explanation given is that power is either recorded or calculated. My impression is that without a recorded power (or more correct as you state a device that estimate power), all metrics and calculation with relation to power gives no results. I have neither a device that record power, and hasn't tested anything else.

Therefor I wondered since the explanation says is either calculated if not recorded.

Re: Running effectiveness

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2018, 14:14
by elske
I'm using the Garmin data field for power estimation and I usually get something around 0.65. I'm somewhat serious, my 5k PR is about 20min for reference.

Re: Running effectiveness

Posted: Tue 2. Oct 2018, 20:25
by JoGu
Palladino seems somewhat connected to Stryd. Their values are somewhat higher than the values you are getting from the Garmin-calculations.
The Problem with all these Running-Powermeters is that there simply is no defined standard. That is also the reason why you do not see Power as a Standard-Field on Garmin watches.
Every company can calculate the values as they like (or as their specific tests tell them to).
As long as they all do not consent on the same standard there is no way in using these metrics to compare different Companies/Products.