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Analysis paces/HR zones


It is possible to change the calculate by zone to have the analysis evaluated by manual laps and not evaluated by average activity ?
I find that it is not representative of the pace (or HR) worked. In fact, if I did an interval session, I don't see the zones run. If we want to see the distribution of volume by zone, we cannot visualize it.


PS : Thanks for this awesome app ! 8-)
PS 2: Sorry for my english
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Re: Analysis paces/HR zones


I'd also absolutely appreciate to see the individual zones sum in the analysis instead of the sum of averages. My use case is 80/20 training, and I need some kind of tool to check whether I keep my high efforts below ~20% for a week or within a month.

Also: thanks for the great tool !

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Re: Analysis paces/HR zones

Yes, It's planned to do so. But this needs some more work on our side and we need to discuss some things for it before we finalize that feature. And it will take some time to calculate the exact zones when we deploy it as we need to go through the raw data of all million of activities
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