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Intervals and how the're displayed

Every now and then I do an interval workout. In Runalyze I only see the fast intervals and not the slower ones, nor the warmup and cooldown under Laps even though I'd be interested in seeing these next to the fast intervals as well. I guess it's how my running app deals with these kind of workouts: it differs between work and recovery parts. I could probably define custom work fast and work slow segments and build my interval workouts from there but it's a lot of fuss. Is there a way to display the 'recovery' and warmup/cooldown data under laps or would I have to go this way?
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Re: Intervals and how the're displayed

Are you sure? The laps section in the activity has a link 'More details about your laps' which shows all laps, not only the 'active' ones. You can already see that by the lap numbers in the table's first column: They will probably show 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / ..., as the inactive laps are hidden there.

That's at least how you can check if the recovery laps are saved as well and - if not - where you can define the laps on your own.
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