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messed up power data (Polar::Stryd)

Posted: Mon 14. Nov 2022, 10:48
by xxlutz7
I've got a new watch Polar Pacer (former: Polar Vantage M) and connected again to my Stryd-Powermeter. Unfortunatelly since I've synch my running sessions with runalyze especially the power-data is messed up. Even if I manually add *.fit-file from stryd powercenter there ist no re-calculation or correction.

Please check sample-data for k14-15 from the screenshots below:
1) Runalzye says 413 watts in average
Leistung_3.PNG (46.14 KiB) Viewed 1722 times
2) Stryd says 317 watts in average
Leistung_2.PNG (111.41 KiB) Viewed 1722 times
3) Polar Flo says 319 watts in average
Leistung_1.PNG (753.84 KiB) Viewed 1722 times

Any idea where that difference on runalyze is coming from?

For further investigation I've also added session-files:
1) Polar: Veit_Joseph_2022-11-13_10-11-05.TCX
2) Stryd:
3) Runalyze: 68494-Activity_2022-11-13_10-11_55419809.tcx

Re: messed up power data (Polar::Stryd)

Posted: Mon 14. Nov 2022, 13:05
by mipapo
Selecting something on the graph can be inaccurate, since the complete raw data series is not available there.
Use the split analyze function:
The given activity says that there is the original and calculated power series. So the one which you see is the "calculated" from our side. When removing the "calulcated" series (what I've done just now for that activity) - everything looks fine.

Based on the sport settings in your Runalyze account the power calculation is set to "if empty".
Based on the information you are doing it the import in that way:
- Auto Import from Polar (without power data) - as the sport setting is set to "if empty" there will be our "power series".
- Then merge Stryd file
- Still our calculated power series is getting shown, as it's the "calculated" one

In this case you should now set the Power caluclation for future imports to "never"
Otherwise you have to remove the Calculated power series from the activity after each merge.

Re: messed up power data (Polar::Stryd)

Posted: Tue 15. Nov 2022, 10:30
by xxlutz7
@mipapo: Thx for your imediate feedback. As always: appreciated that.

To be honest I'de never been to the 'sport settings'-menu before, so thx for highlighting that. I've followed your advice and changed calculation to "never".

Still two more questions:
1) how can I "remove the calculated power series from an activity"? In order to overwrite with proper data from stryd-fit-file
2) how can it be that power data of polar file is empty? As shown in my 1st screenshot from above there is power data shown in polar flow

Re: messed up power data (Polar::Stryd)

Posted: Tue 15. Nov 2022, 13:40
by mipapo
1.) Edit activity - scroll down "Remove data series". Choose "Power (calculated)".

2.) Good question. That's what we get from Polar: Not sure if Stryd merges at a later point data back to Polar (don't think so). Would be a question to ask Polar.

Re: messed up power data (Polar::Stryd)

Posted: Tue 15. Nov 2022, 13:49
by xxlutz7
Thx, again @mipapo

1) check
2) already announced at Polar