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Every sync from Coros gets duplicated

Every time I sync with my Coros device, presumably with the Coros API, is results in a duplicate entry. It is the only device I sync with Runalyze. I have to delete the duplicate entry manually. Interestingly, the first entry has the default title given by the Coros app, but the duplicate doesn't have any title. All the other data is identical. I'd like to eliminate this duplication. Syncing with Strava or Training Peaks doesn't seem to have this bug.

Has anyone had this duplication before?
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Re: Every sync from Coros gets duplicated

You have both ways connected to your account. (Coros to Runalyze API and Runalyze -> Coros API). So we get the activity twice. And as it seems we are getting them very simultaneous no duplicate detection can find the duplicate.

I've just removed the connection here: - So you have the direct connect to the Coros API:
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