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Import from Running Ahead

Fri 5. Mar 2021, 17:39

It looks like Runalyze is no longer able import training log files from Running Ahead. Is there any way to do that? I have about 5 years of data and would like to migrate everything to Runalyze.

Thank you.
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Re: Import from Running Ahead

Fri 5. Mar 2021, 18:24

More information? How do you import them?
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Re: Import from Running Ahead

Fri 5. Mar 2021, 20:20

I'm sorry, but it's right: Runalyze does not support xml files from RunningAHEAD anymore. Does RunningAHEAD support any other file formats? Or are there any free tools to convert their xml format to typical gpx/tcx/fitlog/fit files? Runalyze has no problems with importing hundreds of files for your.
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