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Clicking on an activity in the list made it disappear

Hello -

I seem to have emptied a row, except for the date, in the Runalyze display (new user here). Interestingly clicking on the date brings up the detailed data in the window below, i.e., the data itself wasn't deleted, just the row in the display.

The only two things that remain from the row are, 1) the date, and 2) the little running person icon, which was moved from inside the table to outside on the left margin.

Can someone tell me please how to get the data to be displayed in the row again?

(I've disappeared two rows :oops: )
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Re: Clicking on an activity in the list made it disappear

You changed the training type "Tempo run". The calendar view of every sport and every training type can be changed. Just go to your Sport settings (of Running) and click the edit button on "Tempo run". Change the calendar view to "complete row".

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