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Manual Laps

Wed 12. Dec 2018, 15:06

Hello all,

new user here.
I have searched the forum but I did not find a conclusive answer.
My training sometimes involves intervals or pace runs.
These are recorded separately on my Suunto watch.
When I do interval runs I can see my laps as below:
3,2K--1st lap--warmup-pace-HR-...
0,5K-interval lap 1-pace-HR-...
0,1K-recovery lap 1-pace-HR-...
0,5K-interval lap 2-pace-HR-...
0,2K-receovery lap 2-pace-HR-...

So far I can understand that it is only possible to view laps either by a set distance or by manually adjusting the laps which is frankly not feasible, especially since the recovery runs can have a set duration and not distance.
Is this something that is on the to-do list?
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