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Is there an import limit?

Tue 16. Oct 2018, 10:43

Is there a limit on the number of files to import? I have 247 tcx files which I tried to upload to Runalyze after I registered yesterday.

The import gave error 0 at the end with no other info and has 106km of runs imported over the last 2 months only.

Coincidentally perhaps, this was the same total distance as when I imported directly from the watch. I then deleted the account, I downloaded all the sessions from garmon connect and setup a new account under the same email and tried again.

From the file names, I have no way of telling what date the activities are from as they all show the same download date. How can I get them all imported?
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Re: Is there import limit?

Tue 16. Oct 2018, 11:35

We never recommend to import more than 30 files (depending on the file format).
The "0" error happens mostly if there was an communcation error during the upload.

If you want we can import those files for you. Just send us a mail to and add the activties attached in dropbox/google drive. Don't forget to mention your username.

Don't forget. If you use Garmin or Polar: We offer a full import tool (See "Automatic Sync" -> Checkout our one-time full import tool for Garmin Connect). That should import all your activities by Garmin. This can take some hours.
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