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Fallback to GPS distance data

Thu 5. Jul 2018, 22:09

For running activities I usually set my V800 to use footpod as the source of distance (and pace) data. However, today I was not paying attention to what my V800 was showing until well into my run. Turned out that footpod kicked in quite some distance from the start, so distance (and pace) data is not good.
However, there is a possibility to re-calculate distance data based on the GPS location data.
Is there an option to do that in Runalyze? (I can't see it, but that might be just me). If not, it could be a useful addition.
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Re: Fallback to GPS distance data

Fri 6. Jul 2018, 09:46

There's the option to remove the distance series, but I guess the recalculation is not done (and there's no way to explicitly trigger it).

I'll put it on our list, even if it's not a high priority there. There's a bigger task about manually editing time series (e.g. removing parts of it at the beginning or end, interpolating distance array for a new total distance (useful for a 10k race but gps measured 10.5k), ...). Your idea fits that work package.
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