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Utalization of Health Data

Sat 5. Sep 2020, 20:44

Hey Guys,

really nice, that now health data is imported. However, so far it is hard to align/compare the health data to the running performance. Is it planned to add the possibility to show the health data in the overview of individual activities or even to provide statistics/plots showing running performance vs. health data in relation?

Thank you and all the best,
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Re: Utalization of Health Data

Sun 6. Sep 2020, 12:21

Hi Steffen,
yes that's generally planned. (I really like to see my performance in relation to sleep "performance")
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Re: Utalization of Health Data

Mon 7. Sep 2020, 00:20

Just want to pile on in reply to this and the email this morning: very pleased with what you’re doing with all the sleep and HR data and everything else being pulled in and graphed. Quite enchanting!
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