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Training Strain Colors

Runalyze tries to estimate the athlete's limit by current ATL and gives a coloured (green/orange/red) feedback.
How is the color of the training strain calculated?
Is it based on the value of ATL or ATL as a percentage of maximum ATL?
What are the thresholds for the different colors?

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Re: Training Strain Colors

Training Strain = SUM(Trimp, 7 days) * Monotony
Maximum (of scale) = MAX_ATL * 7 [days] * 2 [max. Monotony]

Green: Training Strain < 50% (of maximum)
Orange: Training Strain 50-75% (of maximum)
Red: Training Strain > 75% (of maxium)
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Re: Training Strain Colors


resurrecting this old thread,
I have been over-training in 2014 which leaded to an injury.
However my training strain is defined as 2 * max_atl * ...., which leads to the 50% orange threshold to be kinda at my "injury threshold".
Would it be possible to define a custom 2 * max_atl (corresponding to the strain level you were when you got injured for example)

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