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Race distances for "mile" users

Posted: Tue 10. Mar 2020, 14:11
by larkim
I was looking at the "RACE RESULTS: PERFORMANCE CHART" and wondering why my PBs at 5km and 10km weren't showing as graphed PBs and I think the reason why is because I use imperial measurements (i.e. miles) for most road races.

But, for example, whether I use 3.10miles (rounding down) or 3.11 miles (rounding up) the races never match with "5km". Similarly 10km races don't match whether I use 6.21 miles or 6.22 miles.

Is there any way that that the site can force races to match a standard distance, either by having a drop down box or by forcing the code to recognise that (say) 3.11=5km, 6.22=10km, 1.86=3000m etc etc

Re: Race distances for "mile" users

Posted: Wed 11. Mar 2020, 07:32
by JoelH
2020-03-11 07_28_06-RUNALYZE – Opera.png
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Is it possible, that the distances in your config are metric in Numbers (5, 10 etc. ) but the Unit is Miles?

Re: Race distances for "mile" users

Posted: Wed 11. Mar 2020, 08:07
by laufhannes
For the 'Race performance chart', there are some hard-coded metric distances (when using VO2max on y-axis). This is a known issue that there is no exact match for e.g. 5k in miles (with two decimals) - but we don't have a solution for this so far.

@larkim: Remove the check for 'Compare with age standars'. Age standards in VO2max are only shown for the exact distances (in metric system). Without this comparison, all your 5k results should show up.

Re: Race distances for "mile" users

Posted: Wed 11. Mar 2020, 09:37
by larkim
I've actually managed to force it to work on the race comparison by entering more than 2 decimal places. Whilst the 2 places are all that show on the front end, PBs now show as 5k when I've entered 3.107 miles and 6.215 miles for 10k. For 3000m I had to go to 4 decimal places as 1.8645.

Presumably the back end stores more decimal places but at the front end only 2 are displayed?