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Inconsistancies graph Banister ?

Mon 16. Nov 2020, 08:46


I am a new user and yesterday I uploaded the whole history of my activities (I started to run in 2016).

When I try to check the evolution of my TSB over the years, I see in the graph that now, I have a TSB of 957, whereas in the daily summary, the value of the TSB is 4 (see attachments).
I tried to empty the cache, and asked for a new computation, but the values remain the same.

Are these values correct ? If so, why is there such a discrepancy between the graph and the daily summary ?

Thanks for your feedback !
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Re: Inconsistancies graph Banister ?

Mon 16. Nov 2020, 15:20

The Banister model is only available in the plot. The calculations in the panel (and everywhere else) use the default TSB model.
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