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by johnpane
Sun 29. Mar 2020, 13:34
Topic: TCX export shift activity times
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TCX export shift activity times


I imported an activity showing <Activity Sport="Biking"><Id>2020-03-28T19:16:08Z</Id>

In Runalyze, the times shown are correct for my timezone.

When I export the TCX, the times are shifted 4 hours: <Activity Sport="Biking">

by johnpane
Wed 26. Jul 2017, 18:48
Forum: Discussion, Feedback & Questions
Topic: New trend analysis
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New trend analysis

It seems the new trend analysis fits a quadratic function to the data. This seems like a good choice for short-to-medium-term trends. However, I am interested in looking at my VO2max across several years. A quadratic function does not have enough flexibility to reflet the cyclical pattern in this da...

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