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by Flupke
Sun 27. Dec 2020, 12:44
Forum: Importer / File problems
Topic: RunGap sport type
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RunGap sport type

I use the RunGap tool for managing my data between multiple platforms. It is doing a brillant job, protecting me against disruption of services (like the unfortunate announce of UnderArmour that Endomondo will soon be discontinued). This allowed me to test on my historical data and I mu...
by Flupke
Sun 27. Dec 2020, 12:38
Forum: Discussion, Feedback & Questions
Topic: Climb Score Feature
Replies: 20
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Re: Climb Score Feature

This is a super feature: congrats. Unfortunately, the global statistics are a bit polluted by the fact that the sport type of my "import" were not properly set by RunGap: hence there is a mix of ski/bike/walk/hike/run. I am struggling to find a way to address this. One suggestion: you could had an i...
by Flupke
Sun 27. Dec 2020, 12:30
Forum: Ideas
Topic: Avoidance of duplicate counts
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Avoidance of duplicate counts

I noticed that when one inadvertently had overlapping track records (it is very easy to get such situation with the multiple trackers we have and the import tools), then it pollutes the total counts/statistics of Runalyze. It would be good to have a tool to detect overlapping tools and to setup a po...
by Flupke
Sun 27. Dec 2020, 11:43
Topic: Duplicate entries
Replies: 3
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Re: Duplicate entries

I still think that it would be an essential feature of to detect overlapping exercises. It is for exemple very common in RunGap to have enumerated both the Apple Health track (with heart rate monitor) and a Komoot track (which serves a different purpose relate to track guidance) and b...

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