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Trail run type

Posted: Mon 30. Dec 2019, 16:50
by Roedema
I see it's been about 2 years since someone requested this feature (in a post that has since been archived). My Garmin watch and Garmin account distinguish between road and trail runs, ignoring VO2max for the latter, and I believe Suunto and others do the same. But in Runalyze, this information is ignored, and I have to manually edit every single trail run to remove it from "VO2max for shape" and add a custom tag if I want to do analysis on just my trail runs (or just my road runs). Are there any plans to add a trail run type, or a MTB type?

Re: Trail run type

Posted: Mon 30. Dec 2019, 18:05
by mipapo
There is no answer to this question yet as there are some "cons" and "pros" to add "Trail Running" to Running.
I've added this topic to our (Hannes and mine) next call.