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Runalyze -> Strava = km

Wed 16. Oct 2019, 18:08


First, I want to thank you for creating an awesome product! I've found it very helpful to my training.

I'll explain my workflow first. I run with a Garmin watch and Stryd (power) and like having my power statistics passed to Strava. Garmin does not natively pass power to Strava, so I have my Garmin runs pass to Runalyze. Then I edit the workout occurrence time (for some reason I need to add four hours to make it equal to my time; another problem, but one I can deal with). Then I export the tcx file and upload to Strava so I can get my Stryd power statistics in Strava.

The problem I have is that my laps get changed to every km in Strava. If I did an interval workout, those laps get lost somewhere. If someone could help me with the Runalyze setting to keep them, I would be grateful!

Thank you again for a great site!
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Re: Runalyze -> Strava = km

Thu 17. Oct 2019, 04:05

Like I said at Facebook: The tcx export at Runalyze does not take care of the laps and importing/exporting to/from a third party platform to another platform is always a bad idea.
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