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Switching from Runtastic

Mon 19. Aug 2019, 08:32

Hi all,

I have tried to upload all my Runtastic activities to runalyze using the import / export function from the iPhone App 'Run Gap'. In principle, I was successful. But now I have plenty of duplicate records. Is there a chance to detect and eliminate these duplicate records in runalyze?

Cheers for any answer
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Re: Switching from Runtastic

Mon 19. Aug 2019, 10:46

Sorry, you need to delete that duplicates manually.
Duplicates are always detected when uploading the same activity files. I think Rungap did something unexpected so we were not able to detect that duplicates.
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Re: Switching from Runtastic

Sun 20. Oct 2019, 10:18

Maybe they were uploaded with minor differences, or with a different name? That could result in Runalyze having undetected duplicates.
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