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Race distances

Tue 30. Jan 2018, 10:49


I have a question about the way you encode race results and their distance.
I've noted that race results are tied to specific distances (10km; 21,1km, etc). Races with other distances are treated differently, and it affect some stats/calculation (i think).

I'm new to running and only do some very amateur stuffs not too far from my place, and i noted that none of the official distances are exactly the ones expected (it's always 10.2km, 10.4km).

So i was wondering how you guys manage that ? Do you do some kind of calculation/correction to have these results counted as official 10km races ? Or do you just skip those races and focus on really serious ones that guarantee exact distance ?

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Re: Race distances

Fri 20. Sep 2019, 18:00

This was nontrivial for me to figure out as well. On the dashboard, the first box is your calendar/dataset. First make sure you've gone through and edited your races to check the Race box.

The second box (vertically) shows your statistics by default, but contains tabs along the top for STATISTICS | ANALYSIS | RACE RESULTS | .... Click on the latter, then on "All race results" (next to "Personal bests"). Here you can edit your races to add names, check the box for "Officially measured," add the official distance and time, and even include your overall, gender, and age results. (Having maintained a spreadsheet with these very data for many years before Runalyze, I find this very handy. Though, an extra box or two for links to official results and/or personal notes would be nice.)

These race-specific details are (thankfully) stored separately from the activity data, and the edit form even indicates to which activity the race is linked. I verified that the original data are intact.
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