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treadmill elevation

Posted: Wed 18. Dec 2019, 09:13
by Magnyz
I am usually running on a treadmill with elevation of 1.5% and I wonder how to properly take this fact into account on runalyze. I am using a garmin fenix watch and all data is imported automatically into runalyze. However, I cannot see anywhere that I am running with an elevation. Can somebody assist? Thanks.

Re: treadmill elevation

Posted: Wed 18. Dec 2019, 23:08
by JoGu
I think that would only be possible if your treadmill would communicate with your fenix.
All the other methods can not work in this scenario. You do not have GPS which could tell how high you are and you do not realky get higher so your barometer cannot not detect anything.

Re: treadmill elevation

Posted: Thu 9. Jan 2020, 09:07
by matsalo
If you have a constant pitch of the mill for the whole exercise, you might just calculate the elevation as a function of pitch and distance and type in into the elevation field in runalyze. Simplified and approximately; if you have 1.5% climb, you gain 15m elevation pr 1000m distance (with the assumption that horizontal and actual travel lenght are more or less close to equal for all practical matters).