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Hosting Runalyze at own server?

Sun 20. Oct 2019, 13:44

I want to host Runalyze on another (my own) server.
Does anybody know, if this is generally possible and if the author(s) aggree to it?
Thanks for a short hint!!
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Re: Hosting Runalyze at own server?

Sun 20. Oct 2019, 16:55

There is no more self hosted version of RUNALYZE since the beginning of 2018. The old source code is still available at github, but there will never be any updates or support for it.
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Re: Hosting Runalyze at own server?

Mon 21. Oct 2019, 08:39

Good to know, I'll look into it as well!
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Re: Hosting Runalyze at own server?

Fri 8. Nov 2019, 09:22

Thanks for the information. It really helped me!
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