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Effective VO2max - calculation for intervals

Wed 30. Aug 2017, 11:53

Hello Team,

First of all I would like to write that your tool is great. Really - I love it.

Now to the question. I observe that effective VO2max is possibly calculated for whole workout duration. This is OK for workouts like Long Run or BS but for workouts like intervals the VO2max value is a little bit missed. When I upload my activity (like intervals, hills or repetitions) I set the Active and Rest periods. Wouldn't it be better if you have calculated effective VO2max value from only Active periods?

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Re: Effective VO2max - calculation for intervals

Wed 30. Aug 2017, 12:00

That issue is on our list ( and I did some first experiments. So, yes, we're working on a better solution. There were some discussions in another thread, but in German only: viewtopic.php?p=3462#p3462
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