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Fluctuation future avg VO2max

Wed 26. Jul 2017, 12:19

First of all: great job by making runalyze, I like it a lot!
I noticed something i don't understand in the shape graph.
On the right side the values are prognosed for the future, fitness and fatigue go down in a steady shape, which is totally understandable.
However, avg VO2max keeps fluctuating even if VO2max stays the same, at the end of the graph it even goes up!
I am very curious to know how this is possible?
attached my graph
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Re: Fluctuation future avg VO2max

Wed 26. Jul 2017, 14:29

Your effective VO2max shape is calculated as average of your effective VO2max estimates over the last 30 days (weighted by duration). That means today's VO2max is calculated based on complete July (+ a few days of June). The last value in end of August is calculated only based on your last VO2max value.

The same applies for previous periods, e.g. end of April up to mid of May where you have only one activity but the VO2max shape still fluctuates, as it always considers the last 30 days.
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