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ATL/CTL calculation

Posted: Tue 7. Jan 2020, 11:55
by gabrielgobat

I have a question regarding the ATL (and also CTL) calculation.

The current ATL value is displayed as a percentage of the maximum value reached in the past. Is it possible to exclude some activities from the calculation?

I run ultra-trails, and these activities can lead to a very high ATL value. Thus, even when I train hard for one or two month, I only reach 20-25% of ATL, because the maximum is biased by the ultra races I ran in the past.

Therefore I had to remove my races from my activities, so the ATL correctly refelect my current training status (I don't care of the ATL reached during a race, but my current training level really matter).

Having the possibility to remove an activity from the ATL maximum calulation would be great and would allow me to reimport my races in the activity list.

Sorry if that topic was already discussed, due to the large quantity of german post I did not read everything.

BTW, thank you for that incredible website!

Gabriel Gobat

Re: ATL/CTL calculation

Posted: Wed 8. Jan 2020, 08:33
by laufhannes
That's not possible so far and I don't think it will be in the future. Currently, there's only the option to show ATL and CTL in absolute values.

For the future we have in mind to let users choose a time period (e.g. 6 months / 1 year / 2 years / all time) for which the maximum will be respected.

I'm not sure if the latter is enough for your purpose. Maybe we can enable users to set their own target (or 100% line) to a custom value. But I think having a flag on every single activity whether it should be considered for atl/ctl max. is too much.

Re: ATL/CTL calculation

Posted: Wed 8. Jan 2020, 20:11
by gabrielgobat

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

I don't think I'll work with the absolute value, working with the percentage is a very good idea.

I just tried another way to handle this topic. I reimported some races but I removed the HR dataset and set the mean HR and max HR to 30, thus generating 0 TRIMP and having no effect on the ATL and CTL. Of course you have to switch off the VO2Max, because running an ultra at 30 bpm generate a biased high VO2max.

And that way my races are displayed and taken into account in my yearly distance and ascent summary.