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Trimp calculations

Fri 19. Feb 2021, 20:52

Dear all,

I have two workouts to compare. They have almost exactly the same duration. The average heartrates differ by almost 10 beats. And none of them was a interval session, e.g. the times in heart rate zones are similar. See the attachments for more details on time in heart rate zones
My question is: How can it be that TRIMP is higher for the workout with the lower average heart rate ?

Greetings from Bonn
Workout 2
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Workout 1
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Re: Trimp calculations

Sat 20. Feb 2021, 20:40

One point could be your resting heart rate which differs extremely from day to day (synced from Garmin). Maybe you want to disable the hr resting sync from Garmin and enter it manually when you really measure your resting heart rate.
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