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by cejmar
Tue 2. Jul 2019, 08:11
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Garmin Sync
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Garmin Sync

Activities which are manually imported to Garmin Connect do not sync to RUNALYZE.
"History import tool" for Garmin in "Automatic sync" menu does not work.

Thank you for your answers.
With regards
by cejmar
Mon 24. Jun 2019, 14:26
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Elevation per activity
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Elevation per activity

In calendar view in Elevation column higher value is shown - value of total ascent or value of total descent. It is mixed. I think only ascent value (or only descent value) should be shown. It makes mistakes in statistics.
by cejmar
Wed 12. Jun 2019, 10:25
Forum: Discussion, Feedback & Questions
Topic: Route network
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Route network

Hello. Will be "Open route network" in ROUTES available again?
Thank You.

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